Dishwasher Safe Straw Caddy w/ 11 Straws

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Clean, Sanitize and Reuse- The Eco Straw Solution

Dishwasher Safe Straw Caddy for home use:
Hosting a holiday party and want to liven up the drinks?  Nothing enhances the flavor of a drink the way a high-quality steel straw does!
Included with your order, a straw caddy that was designed sit on a bar top, or passed around the pool or simply sit on your counter at home. This caddy is designed to showcase your straws, making them easy to organize and simple to use.  In addition, this caddy makes cleaning the straws as simple as a snap. Once you are done with your drinks, simply place the straws back into your straw caddy, place it onto the bottom tray in your dishwasher and wash away!!  Because your straws are held upright by the caddy, and not leaning to the side in your utensil rack, your straws will be cleaned inside and out.  
Fill the remaining spots with straws from 4Rtides.com or with any extra straws you may have. Great for cleaning chopsticks too!
High grade 304 stainless steel straw prevents corrosion
Eco-Friendly, reusable straw never wilts or breaks
Enhances the flavor of your drink and is durable in a way paper or plastic straws are not
Dishwasher safe and simple to clean 

Set Includes:
6- 8.5" straight steel straws (Blue)
5- 6" straight steel straws  (Silver)
1- black straw caddy