Dishwasher Safe Straw Caddy

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Clean, Sanitize and Reuse- The Eco Straw Solution

Current trend and state legislation have moved the industry away from plastic straws, unfortunately, without a good alternative in its place, until now.  Introducing the first and only patented straw caddy that doubles as a cleaning rack designed for use with steel straws.  Made from dishwasher safe polypropylene, this caddy offers your staff a convenient way to serve and wash straws in a simple and time saving manner when compared to using a straw brush.  Simply serve the drink, soak after use and send through your dishwasher- just like any utensil in your restaurant.  Basic silverware racks allow your straw to lean to the side and do not allow enough water inside the lumen to ensure proper sanitization.  The 4RTIdes caddy was designed to allow the maximum water flow and deep cleaning your guest would expect.  Once cleaned, simply place the caddy back on the bar top and repeat!  Unlike paper or plastic, these straws tend to chill when used, enhancing the flavor of the drink while at the same time, reducing waste and saving money.  Now is the time to set yourself apart from your competition, let 4RTides help you do just that!