Commercial Starter Kit #2

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Make a splash!

This Starter Kit contains everything a medium-sized restaurant needs to break the plastic straw habit.

With 200 straws made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, your customers will be delighted that you're taking steps to make a difference.

With 4 dishwasher straw caddies that double as bar top display cases, and 2 soaking bins, your staff will be grateful that you made their jobs easier.

We'll include 50 eye-catching display cards to educate and inspire your customers!

  • 100 Long stainless steel straws (8.5" x 8mm)
  • 100 Short  stainless steel straws (6" x 8mm)
  • 4 Patented commercial dishwasher straw caddies/ Bar top display cases
  • 2 Soaking Bins

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