Sustainable Solutions

4RTides Sustainable Straw provides safe and sustainable solutions for personal use as well as commercial use for restaurants and bars. Protect yourself and protect our oceans. 4RTides

Healthy For You & Our Oceans

4RTIdes straws are premium grade 304 steel with 8mm opening to enhance flavor profile of your beverages as well as ensure cleanliness during our wash system. We offer multiple colors, sizes and the ability to personalize your straws for effective marketing.

The Restaurant Straw Solution

4RTides has solved the issue of how to wash steel straws for the hospitality industry. Our caddy was designed to handle the heat of commercial dishwashers to ensure your premium steel straws are 100% clean and sanitized.

Washing Process

4RTides has designed the a caddy that can not only display your straws but can was them at home and in restaurants dishwashers. Because your straws are held upright by the patented 4RTides caddy, and not leaning to the side in your utensil rack, your straws will be consistently cleaned inside and out each time.  


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